What are B.A.B.E. members saying..

"I love the energy and vibe of the meet ups, it's really supportive and full of positivity! Women entrepreneurs and wantepreneurs come in with a spirit of giving before receiving!"
- Anne Flamant, D&D Strategy

"All the women in this group are amazing! It's easy and comfortable at events to connect."
- Alicia Wood, Camp Fuel

"Connections. Rising up. Creating a space to love on other badass women."
- Ilana Gershon, Arbonne

"To me, B.A.B.E. is a network of women supporting/promoting and helping one another. It's a place for women to connect over their passions and hustles and it makes me so happy."
- Meghan MacDonald, Penny and the Plants

"The support system is what I value the most especially support without judgements."
- Prayalini Sathanantham, Pri Made Events

"It's a place where I can come to inspire and be inspired. A place where women like myself can network and become friends with business allies to conquer the world!"
- Jennifer Zalev, Plant Based and Happy

"I love getting to connect with badass Boss Babes who are unapologetically going for their dreams!"
- Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector

"I was able to make new friends, connect and network with amazing ladies who are all in the same mindset ! It's refreshing to know that you're not alone in the journey of entrepreneurship, and it's definitely a good thing to come and talk about your business and what you do. I love the fact that we can all collaborate, share ideas, challenges and resources in our respective businesses. Everyone is a source of wisdom and we can all learn from each other. Bottom line: this group is all about positivity, support and celebrating how awesome we are as female entrepreneurs! We are each others' cheerleaders!"
- Marian Claudio, The Beauty Outlaw

"I’m new to the group and find that it has helped me feel less alone in this journey. This leap into my own biz and the belief I am developing in myself is scary stuff. I like that this group is full of like minded ladies helping each other."
- Andrea Jane, It's the Oils

"Supportive , motivating and empowering."
- Krystyna Hession, RoyalTea Party Events Inc.

"Great authentic connections."
- Ainsley Moir, Engineer Your Brand

"I love that I can meet other women entrepreneurs and share ideas and come together to really celebrate our girl boss status."
- Suman Guram, 100 Years of Love

"I love seeing so many amazing and talented women coming together to share ideas, collaborate and help each other grow their empires. It's really an amazing thing to watch and be a part of such an inspiring group of women."
- Laura Ashley, Elemental Shift Co.