'Had the "Closet Detox" and couldn't be happier!  My closet is now actually spacious and hanging are only my favourite things.  Macy is firm and unbiased in aiding you in "letting go" of all those things you "think" you "might" wear again .... and she gives great coordination and wardrobing tips through the process!'
- Sue

'I am SO happy with the outcome of “The Fashment Treatment” – I feel like a new person!  Macy took my dull, tired wardrobe and totally revamped my look and my confidence as a whole.  She really has a knack for styling and identifying those essential pieces that can be used for many different outfit styles.  I work in a corporate environment and use to have a split between my ‘work’ clothes and my ‘weekend’ clothes and Macy really helped me bring the two together to jive perfectly for my style.  I felt like I seriously uncluttered my entire life through the Closet Detox and I felt great about donating clothes I had been holding onto for “what if” scenarios.  My closet is a lot less packed but I feel like I have so much more to wear – what a great feeling!  I did do a bit of a shopping spree for new clothes and Macy really helped to play up the pieces I already had to make it feel like I had an entirely brand new wardrobe.  I feel more confident at work and I love that I can mix my two styles together to put my best foot forward!  Oh and she also helped my find a dress for a charity gala I had this summer and I CANNOT believe the compliments I received for a dress I might not have otherwise tried on. Thank you, Macy!!'
- Tara

'i'm hopeless when it comes to putting an outfit together, so I end up wearing the same black and grey clothes all the time. When I had to find something to wear for a photoshoot, Macy came to my rescue with the "Camera Ready". She went through my closet, helped me put together a few outfit options while explaining how to pair colours, shapes and styles to achieve the perfect mix. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also great at listening to you. I had a fantastic time, learned plenty and find myself going to the photoshoot feeling comfortable and confident with outfits that match my personality and tastes!'
- Anne

'Macy offered amazing support and service in helping me build a "Capsule Wardrobe"! She sent me a look book of my own clothes and I feel so confident now when I get ready for the day! You will not regret hiring her!!'
- Megan

'Macy came over last weekend and truly changed my life with the "Closet Detox" service!
She helped me to donate all those "comfy" items, that I looked to as security blankets and embrace the style I always had brewing underneath.'
- Jen

"I had Fashment in to ‘Closet Detox’ to downsize my extensive wardrobe, I was freaking out about the idea of letting go but Macy made it “make sense”. I am now left with a TIGHT package of only the things I wear, I personally feel pounds lighter having gone through this life changing process!"
- Sue

"After having two children, I had fallen into the trap that many moms do of wearing the mom uniform: leggings and more leggings.  As comfortable as I felt, I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the way I looked.  I knew I needed some updates to my wardrobe and some tips on accessorizing.  But with limited time and some baby weight to lose, I wasn’t sure what to do.  Luckily I found Macy.  We met, made a plan based on a closet assessment and weight loss goals, and she figured out where to shop based on my needs.  Making decisions about clothes has always been a bit tough for me, but Macy made it so much fun.  I like to refer to Macy as my professional friend. Like a friend she was so much fun to hang out with, but like a professional was also able to give me an honest opinion based on her expertise.  I feel so much more comfortable leaving the house now because I know I look like a cool mom instead of a frumpy mom.  Macy also taught me how to choose clothes that were cool but not too “junior”, as she likes to say.  As someone approaching 40, this was so helpful because I want to look great but also age appropriate.  Macy created a look book that I posted in my closet to take the guess work out of choosing clothes.  It’s so much more fun getting dressed in the morning and for date nights because I know what to wear.  Macy is the best because she is super knowledgeable, extremely resourceful, professional, and so much fun.  I highly recommend her services, especially ‘Capsule Wardrobe’!"
- Aislinn

'I really feel a lot lighter from the experience of the "Closet Detox" and it's almost like I've gone shopping with the way I'm able to access my whole closet.  The process even motivated me to keep organizing and I got through a bunch of other areas in my apartment!  I'm incredibly satisfied with the experience.'
- Amanda

'I received the "Closet Detox" as a gift from my boyfriend.  When Macy came over, she sat me down and had a conversation.  She wanted to get a sense on what I do for fun, weekend and any other interests.  From there, we started going through my closet and prioritizing items that I need for my current daily life.  It was a helpful session and crazy to see the piles of “donation” clothing that I hadn’t worn in over 2 years! She was really patient and reasonable when we were going through my forgotten collected items.  Now, all those items I had collected over the years are still forgotten and in a better home now.  Also, I now have more room to buy more'
- Jenny

'I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of service that Macy at Fashment delivered and have no hesitation to recommend her services to friends, family, or anyone considering her services! I was really hesitant at first to have someone go through my closet to pick out and discard items but Macy was so nice to work with that I actually found myself enjoying the process. I opted for the “Capsule Wardrobe” treatment because I just love the idea of working with what you have and keeping a number of classic/staple pieces that I could wear with for different occasions. Trouble is…which pieces? Macy took the time to go through what I had and showed me how certain pieces could work for both the office and a night out which was awesome and she gave me ideas for what I could look for to elevate my wardrobe. I was most impressed by her keen eye for style and creativity. She was able to take a few items in my closet that I spent quite bit of money on but barely ever worn (some even had tags on still..) and turn it into an amazing outfit by pairing it up with a different piece and accessories. My personalized look book provided at the end was a really nice bonus too - thank you Macy!'
- Irene

'I highly recommend the "Closet Detox". This experience allowed me to get rid of out of style and ill-fitting items that I was holding on to and gave my closet a much needed clean out. Macy offers a fresh set of eyes; she was patient and honest going through my wardrobe with me. Getting dressed in the morning has never been easier!'
- Lesley

'I did not think I had anything to wear for my photoshoot and Macy took one look at my closet and pulled out 5 outfits like magic. I didn't need to buy anything new and she came to the shoot and made sure I looked just right - collars, cuffs and all! She was fantastic. Highly recommend her and her 'Camera Ready' service.'
- Rhonda

"I would do the 'Camera Ready' service again and again! Macy made everything so easy. She did her research before hand and when we went shopping, she knew exactly where to go and what to try on. Macy knows her clients well and delivers stylish looks that I will wear to many occasions. Definitely a great investment!!"
- Marie

“I purchased the “Capsule Wardrobe” service and it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done!  Macy revolutionized my closet, making it so much easier for me to get dressed in the morning.  My closet went from being busy and cluttered to clean and organized.  She helped me eliminate pieces that were either outdated or had sat unworn for years!  I was left with items that were timeless essentials and, of course, some of the fun add-ons too.
The icing on the cake is that, at the end of this process, Macy provided me with a personalized look book with photos showing me how the reduced number of items in my wardrobe could be combined in different ways to create several outfits! Given the end result, the cost of this service and Macy's expertise is really quite a steal!”
- Anna