Why choose B.A.B.E. University?

B.A.B.E. University is a series of workshops created for Toronto based female entrepreneurs to attend.
Collaborating with other female entrepreneurs specializing in their respective fields, B.A.B.E. University will help you grow your business professionally (marketing, branding, building clients etc) and personally through skill based workshops (floral arrangement, beauty, cooking etc).
Whether you are a new entrepreneur, someone who needs a refresher or someone who just wants to learn basic makeup skills, there will be something for everyone!

History of B.A.B.E. University

When I first created B.A.B.E., my intention was to help connect female entrepreneurs and one of my goals was to host educational workshops for women to attend where they can learn how to grow professionally and personally.
The amazing community full of female entrepreneurs who specialize in so many different fields has enabled me to develop different workshops by collaborating with fellow members.

So come to learn and grow with B.A.B.E. University!

Upcoming Workshops

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